How to Fix Lag Warface Reduce high ping with VPN PingBooster

How to Fix Lag Warface Reduce high ping with VPN PingBooster

Game: Warface

The most interesting game in this episode, Warface that is played simultaneously with 4 people at the same time.

For friends, Anybody who has played a lot of lagging games, delay games or can't play games because the internet is not good. Want to play with friends

PingBooster offers a VPN for the games, making Warface play Smooth and Reduce lag.

When connecting PigBooster VPN, it will make the game play smoother and safer for Warface on Steam.

The fastest way to play, Warface Get PingBooster Now

How to use PingBooster with Game Warface on Steam.

1. Register:

2. Setup PingBooster Client:

For anyone who has a game on the device, you can press Scan Games. The system will automatically import the game.

If you find the game, go to step 2.

*but can't find you need to add manually 

Step 1 Add Game


"Add Games"


Choose " Warface "



Step 2 Start Game

Choose " Warface "


Select Server and click "Start Game"

Recommed Server Connect Warface
Recommed Server VPN Singapore 1 2 3 
and look Recommed in Server List 



Start for a while. PingBooster will open the game itself. Then play Warface game now.

Which can reduce, reduce game, split internet, split game, block game, increase online game experience better.

There is a problem, can notify the PingBooster team at any time.


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