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Do you guys know that delay time for skills in RO is more complicated than you think? The factors of skills delaying are cast time, cast delay, cooldown, and motion delay. Well, in this article we’ll tell you about their features, usage, and how how to take advantage out of these features in real gameplay. (Patch update 14.2)

Cast Time

While casting a skill you’ll notice a green bar above your character’s head. Since patch class 3, casting time will be categorized into 2, which are variable cast time and fixed cast time.

Variable cast time

Variable cast time or what we shortly called VCT. You guys might’ve heard of this before because it has been used for a long time since the high-class era.

Variable Cast Time RO Ragnarok

VCT = BaseVCT × (1 − SQRT[{DEX × 2 + INT} ÷ 530]) × (1 − Sum_VCTReduction ÷ 100)

BaseVCT = VCT of the skill
Sum_VCTReduction = summation of items/skills used (to reduce the cooldown) percentage

How to get rid of VCT

There are mainly 2 ways, the first one to make (DexTotal) x 2 +IntTotal = 530 or second, relying on items/skills that help to reduce VCT 100%


Examples of items that reduce VCT

✅ Op. Spell = - VCT 4-10%

✅ Kathryne Keyron Card = - VCT 1% every upgrade

✅ Beelzebub Card = - VCT 30%


Examples of skills that reduce VCT

✅ Suffragium = - VCT 45%

✅ Magic Strings (ฺBraki) = - VCT 30%


Fixed Cast Time or FCT

this type of duration cannot be reduced by status. It can only be reduced by certain skills or items.

FCT = (BaseFCT - Sum_FCT) × (1 − Max_FCTReduction ÷ 100)


✅ BaseFCT = VCT of the skill

✅ Sum_FCT = Summation of items/skills used (to reduce the cooldown) (Constant)

✅ Max_FCTReduc = Items/skills with Maximum FCT(%) 


How to get rid of FCT

2 ways to get rid of FCT. Make (BaseFCT - Sum_FCT) = 0 or negative if possible. For example: if the skill has a BaseFCT of 0.5 sec but when we use Temporal Dex Boots, FCT will be reduced by 0.5 sec. By the formula given, BaseFCT - Sum_FCT = 0.5-0.5 = 0, That green bar won’t appear.

Or using items/skills making Max_FCTReduction a 100% Ex.16th Night of Oboro/Kagerou, because it will reduce FCT by % that means only one item/skill will be calculated (the one with highest FCT)


Examples of items that reduce FCT:

✅ Nidhoggur Shadow Card = reduce FCT by 50%

✅ Temporal Dex Boots = reduce FCT for 0.5 second

✅ Bawaya Agimat Tattoo = reduce FCT by 7%

✅ Puente Robe = reduce FCT 3%


Examples of skills that reduce FCT:

✅ 16th Night = reduce FCT by 100%

✅ Sacrament = reduce FCT by 50%

✅ Radius = reduce FCT by 20%

✅ Call Ventus lv.1 = reduce FCT for 1 second


Cast Dalay

Cast Dalay is a time in between each skill cast, which will delay not just one skill, but others will get delayed as well. You’ll notice a black frame around the skill icon, which means you can’t use the skill yet, this is a delay or so-called Global Delay.

Cast Delay Ro Ragnarok

Delay = BaseDelay × (1 − Sum_DelReduction ÷ 100)

✅ BaseDelay = Delaying of each skill

✅ Sum_DelReduction = Items/skills that reduce delay (in %)


How to get rid of Cast Delay

Use items/skills that reduce the delay by 100%


Examples of items that reduce delays

✅ Tae Goo Lyeon [2] = reduce Delay by 20%

✅ Kiel-D-01 Card =  reduce Delay 30%

✅ Expert Ring [1] = reduce Delay 5%

✅ Rune Spellstone [1] = reduce Delay 1%


Example of skills that reduce delay.

✅ Magic Strings (Braki) = [50+Floor(INT ÷ 5)+(Music_Lessons_Lv × 2)]%



Cooldown is the amount of time a user must wait before repeating a recently completed action. Other skills can still be used when that skill is cooling down. You’ll notice when you used a skill, there will be a black frame around the skill icon. You wouldn’t be able to use the skill until the black frame circulates its life away.

Cooldown Ro Ragnarok

Cooldown = BaseCooldown - CooldownReduction

✅ BaseCooldown = skill’s cooldown time

✅ CooldownReduction = item that reduce cooldown (constant)

Examples of items that reduce cooldown

✅ Light Of Cure, Catholic Lv1 = Skill Cooldown High Heal 3 sec

✅ Bellum Bible = Skill Cooldown Laudaagnus, Laudaramus, and Clearance 100%


Motion Delay

Is a duration of time when the character is moving or casting skills. While casting skills you’ll notice that the character’s moving before that skill is actually cast out. (Except for some skills, with some technique this may not be a problem.)

Motion Delay Ro Ragnarok

How to cast skills continuously

  1. VCT + FCT = 0
  2. Look at the connections between 4 variables, Motion Delay = Delay = Cooldown = ASPD

Motion Delay will determine how fast you can cast a skill because Motion Delay can’t be reduced to any lower. For instance, skills that have a Motion Delay of 0.6 sec, means that you can cast skills 1 time per 0.6 sec.

Later, this will make Delay and Cooldown relate to Motion Delay, which is 0.6 seconds. Even if you can manage to make Delay or Cooldown be lower than 0.6 you could never make the character cast skills faster than 1 time per 0.6 sec.

Lastly, making ASPD makes you attack every 0.6 sec, or 2 times per sec because you cast a skill in every 0.6 sec but if your character will cast a skill 1-time per sec, you wouldn’t be able to make it 0.6.

**Skills that don’t have Motion Delay can skip to no.2


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