Terms and Policy

Privacy Policy 

You need to information when you register PingBooster 

1. Email address 

2. Telephone number 

When you use PingBooster, we will record the following information: 

1. You local IP 

2. Timestamp you successfully accessed 

3. The IP which is assigned to you 

4. Game to use.

Please be assured to use PingBooster, your personal information above will be kept secure, we may use it for investigation purpose only under the condition

PingBooster Use Policy

We will terminate your account and add you into blacklist without notice if you violate the following policies. You agree not to perform any actions that would either intentionally or unintentionally restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying the Internet. You further agree not to use software of PingBooster to post any content or send any messages or material that are unlawful, harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene or may constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or encourage conduct that could constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable local, state, national or international law, regulation or court order.


The following applications are forbidden on all PingBooster servers:

- Any and all software used for or related to Cyber Crime, including but not limited to Computer intrusion (i.e. hacking) and Password trafficking - Counterfeiting of either copyrighted trademarks or currency

- Child Pornography or Exploitation

- Child Exploitation and Internet Fraud matters that have a mail nexus

- Internet fraud and SPAM 

- Internet harassment

- Internet bomb threats

- Trafficking in explosive or incendiary devices or firearms over the Internet

- Theft of trade secrets

- Distributed/Denial attack Of Services (DDoS)

SPAM Policy

PingBooster has a zero-tolerance policy against the sending of unsolicited email via our software, more commonly known as spam, including a forum, blog spam. The account(s) of any user who sends spam via Pingbooster will be terminated and add into Blacklist without notice 

Payment policy

1. TIME PERIOD: To purchase or renew membership. 

30 days for "Monthly" 

90 days for "3 Month" 

180 days for "6 Month"

365 days for "Annually";

2. About renewal:

If your account expired, the period of validity of your account starts from the time which the successful payment message is received by www.Pingbooster.com, and ends at the starting time plus your period of validity; if your account is still active, the period of validity of your account starts from your expired time, and ends at the starting time plus your period of validity; Please contact our customer support online if you need to change your packages. 

3. Accepted payment methods:

Bank Transfer (Bank in Thailand)

PayPal, recurring payment, recommended.

True Money

Please email us to [email protected], if you have any problem with your payment.

4. Refund, if you are unsatisfied with our service, for PayPal payment users, we offer you a full refund within 7 days, you can email us to [email protected] to require a refund after your payment within 7 days, the refund can be done in three business days. Refund is only available with PayPal, unavailable with other payment methods. 

Please give a clear indication of the following:

Username of PingBooster

Reference No. of your payment, such as transaction ID of PayPal

The reason for your refund 

No malicious refund or Chargeback, otherwise we will submit your information into a credit blacklist system, which may have an influence on your later payment and shopping online 

Policy modification

   PingBooster reserve the right to modify the terms without notice. Above are terms of PingBooster, if you can't agree with all above or some of them, please do not choose our service. If you use, purchase our service, which means you accept and will to abide by our terms 


PingBooster Team.

Games Support