Ashes of Creation – $750,000 Kickstarter goal achieved in 12 hours

Another day of being an MMORPG fan, another Kickstarter campaign for a game tugging at my little black heart. It’s become a familiar story. After years of big pub oppression, inde devs come in, kick the door down and demand progress with ideas more closely aligned with us fans than those theme park producing corporate giants! I feel them plucking at the strings and it appears, once again, I’m not alone. The MMORPG base is motivated like November in an election year. Ashe’s has built up pre-Kickstarter momentum. About this, I feel strongly both ways depending on which version of myself you ask. That isn’t a bad idea, I think I’ll do just that.

Currently in development by indie outfit Intrepid Studios, Ashes of Creation achieved its USD 750,000 goal in less than 12 hours. Now standing at nearly USD 900,000, the development team confirmed Ashes of Creation will have a monthly fee at launch with an optional cosmetic shop. The features are really impressive, and you should read up more at the game website .

Credit : mmoculture


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