Promotion 12.12 is PingBooster's end-of-year campaign. Join special price, discount price to celebrate the happy new year's festival. Originally, there were only Discount Codes. Discount codes came out as short events for a period of time. Now, almost every product group also join the 1212 promotion as well. Pingbooster can't miss to join 1212 festival with another famous brands.

promotion end of year 2021What is promotion 12.12 ?

Promotion 12.12 is the date on various websites. will be open to customers to pay for products at a special price Which has been held for many years. In 2021, this 12.12 promotion is not PingBooster's birthday, but PingBooster is ready to deliver happiness to everyone in this festival with various brands.

  • Promotion 12.12, is there a lot of discount?

When visiting the website, you will find a special package price with a discount of up to 24%.

discount 24 percent

  • Promotion 12.12 What day does it start? Until when?

Promotion 12.12 starts on 12-31 December 2021


How to pay PingBooster with QR Code

  1. Very easy. Login to PingBooster website.
  2. Click to enter the menu ORDER (click here)
  3. Choose a payment method ** Mobile Banking (QR Code) for quick balance check**
  4. Select the packet you want to buy.
  5. we will see the list "Order Summary" Click to Buy Now.
  6. The web page will pop up a QR Code. You can use the Bank Application to scan and pay.

Just like this, all friends will receive VPN PingBooster, a valuable package price, the end of the year 2021. Use it to enjoy the content that everyone likes.




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