The most exciting and addictive online games of the 2022

     Hi, everyone! Nice to see you again. Entering 2022, I still don’t have any online games to play seriously. (Who said that when I work on games, I can play many games. You are wrong!) It seems that the overseas online games industry has more variety of games being produced in recent times. It’s not a traditional online game anymore. At my best guess, it could be another year that Thai gamers will be able to play many big and great online games. So today I have selected a list of online games for everyone to follow. What games will there be? Let's check!


Game : Monster Hunter Rise

Genre : Action MMORPG

Game Developer : Capcom

Platform : PC [Steam] and Nintendo Switch

Game Server Hosting : Global Server

     Must be given as the first online game even though it is not available for Free to play. But believe me! There are really many fans of the game. For “Monster Hunter Rise” that Pc gamers will be able to play on the 13th of January. The update content will be similar to the latest version of Nintendo Switch as well. The interest in this sequence is the presentation theme which will be more obviously Japanese style. And the important thing is the PlayStation game has been improved to have more action than before. If you think that “The Monster Hunter : World” is very action, I would like to say that this sequence is more action than. You can use your dog in game to explore monsters faster, collecting scout flies for use in combos when attacking, or used to evade, ect.  

     That’s not enough! Around Summer 2022, Capcom will update the supplementary content to “Monster Hunter Rise : Sunbreak” which will add a new story, new monsters, and new map scene. And the players have to purchase for the game's additional update. But now the price has not been announced as to how much it is. The PC platform will simultaneously sell with Nintendo Switch. And the game development team has obviously announced that “from now on, games on PC platforms will simultaneously update with Nintendo Switch platform”. All fans of this game, let's prepare to save money to buy it!



Game : Lost Ark

Genre : Hack&Slash Action MMORPG

Game Developer : Smilegate RPG

Platform : PC [Steam]

Game Server Hosting : North America server [NA] and Europe server [EU]


     Let me bring this issue up again for a Dark Fantasy Action MMORPG online game as Lost Ark. Even though it’s available on many servers and in many countries including on North America server and Europe server on this 11th of February in Steam’s store, unfortunately this game has a blocking zone for purchasing or downloading. If the players don’t have an ID in the zone or change the IP to receive the item, they will not be able to play this game.

     I had a chance to test this game during the CBT period and I found that the game didn't block IP when I logged in (maybe they will, when the game is officially open). From testing the game, I found that the game ping was very high, around 250 - 300 ms. So it’s not bad if you’re only consuming PvE content. But in PvP or Raid content, the results of the ping test are obvious. As for the question of how great this game is? I don’t want to talk too much. It hurts my throat! Because it’s really good.


Game : Undecember

Genre : Hack&Slash Action MMORPG

Game Developer : Needs Games 

Platform : PC [Steam] and iOS/ Android on smartphone

Game Server Hosting : Global Server (release on first quarter of 2022)


     For anyone who likes Hack&Slash games as Diablo, there will be one game that will be released in early 2022, which is “Undecember ''. This game is under the supervision of Line Games. And there are plans to release it on a South Korea server first. After that , it will be released on the Global server by Steam’s store. And more interesting is this game supports Thai language! The game style is similar to Diablo in which many monsters will invade the players at the same time and players must use their skills to kill those monsters at once.

     In terms of the skill system, this game will give you a feeling like you’re playing Diablo lll or Lost Ark where players install skin rune or link rune, it will increase the efficiency of the skill even more and have a unique identity. The severity depends on the class that players choose to play and the aspects that players focus on improving their status. The interesting thing is we can hold weapons as swords and use the magic at the same time or use a bow and summon monsters to help you to fight. It all depends on the player how to form their skills. And the last one is there’s much content in the game to keep players entertained such as main quest, sub quest, raid boss in co-op mode with 8 players for maximum, or war games such as PvP or Guild also look interesting and playful as well.



Game : The Day Before

Genre : Shooting MMORPG

Game Developer : FNTASTIC 

Platform : PC [Steam], PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X|S

Game Server Hosting : Global Server (release on first quarter of 2022)


     We talked about Action MMORPG online game already. Now we will talk about Shooting MMORPG online game that will be released in 2022. One of the most interesting is “The Day Before” from the production team of “The Wild Eight”. They got many feedback when released game trailer and game on PlayStation5 platform. So the background of the game is the United States, where the virus's infection spreads to the population and into zombies. Although there are many online game with this kind of content but this game has a very interesting feature as well.

     “The Day Before” is a survival game that combines a shooting MMORPG style. The players and team members must explore all areas in the cities as an Open-World MMO. All players have to scavenge for resources such as foods, water, weapons, bullets, and cars. The main task of the players is to rebuild the human colonies. But bear in mind, you're not the only one doing this. Every player is a survivor and you can make friends or kill each other to take their resources to be yours. For anyone who likes this game theme, just looking forward to playing, because this game has really beautiful graphics and the game system is so interesting.


 Game : Lineage 2M

Genre : Action MMORPG

Game Developer : NCSoft 

Platform : PC and iOS/ Android on smartphone

Game Server Hosting : Global Server

     And the last one that we will talk about, must be this game! In 2021, NCSoft launched the game “Lineage W” the sequel to online games like “Lineage”. The feedback wasn’t what they expected, because all gamers hoped that it was very fun, so exciting, and state of the art. In 2022, NCSoft plans to release the new sequel as “Lineage 2M”. By this sequel, NCSoft emphasizes that the PlayStation and game's system are based on “Lineage 2”, which has been improved. I am absolutely sure of that.

     Moreover, Lineage 2M is a MMORPG online game which can be played cross-platform on PC and mobile. If You can’t play on mobile, you can play by launcher on PC. And this game also has a 4K variant of Ultra-HD graphics that comes with the highest resolution. If a player's computer has a high specification, the game system will download all of the data while playing to result in the game running smoothly when players keep level or go to the places in the game. It also boasts a multiplayer capability of hosting up to 10,000 players at the same time. I noticed that in South Korea servers were over 5 millions people pre registered in its first month. For the Global server, please stay tuned!

     These are a few online games that I selected for this article, because in 2022 it still has many online games preparing to launch and there aren't any small games too! So next time I will select other games for you all. And don’t forget! You can smoothly play foreign online games by using the “PingBooster” program is a VPN program that separates the internet for normal use and gaming, so you can do other activities. You don't have to worry that our program will slow down your internet speed like other VPN programs.




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