Battlefield 2042, The online shooting game that combines old and new ages war themes.

     Hello, everyone. Nice to see you again, I’m Aje Nut and today we will talk about Online shooting game called “Battlefield 2042” that is supervised by the EA DICE developer team. After the last sequel, it was on the theme of World War l. The firearms and gameplay are quite different from the previous sequel, therefore many gamers liked and weren't like also. But their return with a new sequel, it has been their turning point again. Because the game theme is a modern age war that is not Hi-Tech or too outmoded. So this sequel has manything different from the previous sequel, So there's a flow of people who like the system in this sequel and don't like it as well. Now let's get to know this sequel more.


     Having said that “Battlefield 2042” has a lot of playing modes, which will be explained in parts of the game mode. Starting with the “All-Out Warfare” mode, there are about 2 modes to choose from, including 'Conquest'. This mode supports up to 128 players. The previous sequel normally only supported 64 players. As a result, it turned out to be a really raging war. And in a 'Breakthrough' that usually contains 2-3 control points. Because of more players, the clash of both players is so brutal, and very funny. And the balance has been adjusted so that the defense team can be stronger.

​​     What has changed in this sequel is the 'Character selection system' that will add a lot of variety and more options to team play. Because it allows us to choose to play the desired line and choose the weapon in the way that you want to use freely, not forced as in previous installments that allow each class to use only one weapon type, it became an interesting charm in this sequel. Because of the gimmicks in modifying the characters and teams to come out in a suitable play style.

     Let's talk about the new Battlefield 2042 mode as 'Hazard Zone' that will use the same map scene as the All-Out Warfare mode, but the gameplay will be different. Conditions for playing in this mode is each side of the player must raid to grab Drives that drop at various points on the map and then try to survive out from the map, there is no need to kill anyone. But keep in mind that if our team is completely killed the game will be over. At this point, it makes a game that fans of this series don't like much. And it is necessary to communicate with the players within the team quite a lot. Although the gameplay is so fun.


     And for other modes, you don't like, there is another mode that EA DICE decided to bring the classic gameplay from the old sequel such as Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, which the style of play of each sector will not changed from the original, it also added scenes of that sequel as well. It's not over yet. In this mode you can also choose to play as conditions such as zombie mode or Hardcore play mode that make your bullets to affect teammates as well.


     For now, Battlefield 2042 is not in trend, because of various bug problems, including the stability of the server which sometimes is good or sometimes bad, we can only wait for EA to fix these problems. But if you ask me how great they made this sequel, I answered right here. "At least the system in the game is better than Battlefield V a lot" because this sequel they decided to take the style of playing from the old sequels to build on and put in this sequel as well. The players who are thinking about the classics, don't miss to play this sequel.


​​     For anyone who wants to play Battlefield 2042, this series is available in many channels, including the Steam's store, Origin or as an “EA Play Pro member”. For anyone who wants to play Battlefield 2042, this sequel is available in many channels, including the Steam's store, Origin or as an “EA Play Pro member”, you can apply for EA membership if you don't want to buy in full price, you can pay only 490 baht per month or 3,199 baht per year. Important! We have unlimited access to all games within the Origin store and get early access to new content. And this is considered the first sequel game that EA has added a cross-platform play system, allowing PC gamers to play with the console side. See more details at 



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