Blade & Soul 2 The sequel to intense story on both PC and mobile phone platform


     Hi everyone!  Just  meet me again (P’ nut). Today I want to talk about online games like a MMORPG,the sequel to Blade & Soul. After the original has been open since 2012,it still has more content with Blade & Soul of Bloodlust team that is a developer team in NCSoft. The developer still  builds on an intense story, so they decide to build  “Blade & Soul 2” that will open on PC platform and  mobile operating system (ios and android). Although this season they have discordant opinions between like and dislike,I still want to know about this new thing. So let’s know more about this game.

     For Blade & Soul 2,Bloodlust team and NCSoft decide to choose Unreal Engine 4 in the last version for developing.Therefore, they extremely make a game with very high graphics. When we create a character in the game, you can obviously see the several races that you can choose such as Jin,Gon and Lyn which have male and female also. The uniqueness of this game is creating a character that is always so good. And the new thing in this game sequel is no class system that you can switch the weapons whatever you want, the players have more ways to play. Now the weapons have 6 types for choosing, which is a very interesting system for you all.


     The story in the game has 2 groups between Sura and Advocates, “Sura” is like a devil that has 4 powers and “Advocates” is like a god power. The situation while we are starting to maneuver, it feels like the character was possessed by the devils that make the warriors which have god power to help us from any devils before they control our body and soul. This all is the beginning of adventure in this sequel for finding the way to restrain the devils that dominate over all. If we are controlled by them too much, we can’t fight them anyway. In addition, this game has ‘Sage System’ in which we have to find the rock hint in the game because it can unlock more stories also.


     Because of “Blade & Soul 2”, the game was created for playing specially on smart phone. The system in the game has many differences from the first one such as the automatic quest or automatic attack that are the new things. For the automatic attack, if we don’t have the medicine to restore magic power, MP will become a normal attack. Most of the medicine can be obtained from the mission. Moreover I just warn you all that this game is Free-PK. If you are doing the missions or quests, you will be killed by other players that you don’t know who they are. But it’s a fun game, I just want you all to try this new thing.

     Although it’s an interesting game sequel, it also has a weakness which is controlling the character because It’s not easy like the original. In the original, you can attack and avoid at the same time but in this season some of the weapons can’t attack and avoid in the meantime. For example, Force Master in the original can attack and avoid at the same time but with the spell casting in Blade & Soul 2 you can’t move while you are casting spells. So many players are disappointed with this point but we still look forward to seeing the new update in the future.


     For people who don’t have high specifications of smartphone, NCSoft makes Blade & Soul 2 that can play on the PURPLE server. So you can play on the computer with not high specifications that is faster than on a smartphone. Korean servers have zones for players who don’t have a Korean mobile number to verify your identity. You have to play based on 12+ only that the weakness is you can not top up for buying anything on Item Shop.


     However, the developer team and the service provider have the plan to open “Blade & Soul 2” on the Global server in 2022.I don’t know what games in NCSoft that will open first but I think this game will open first.

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     Let’s check it out!




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