Valve releasing one of its usual monthly updates for Dota 2 yesterday, the aftermath was not what the developers had in mind. This was due to the details listed in the update’s patch notes which took the entire community by storm. For those of who are unaware of all of this, let us help you out. It seems Valve is likely working on a  new hero for Dota 2 as files hinting at its release were found in the update.




According to the most recent update, Valve has introduced a number of files which added in effects and icons for the abilities of Mars. And since the game does not feature a hero with that name, it’s obvious that the developers are planning to bring in a new hero. For more information regarding the related files, check out the patch notes below:

Particle Updates

  • Added particles for “Spear Wall” of a hero internally referred to as “Mars.”


  • Added ability icon for Mars’ Phalanx Cancel
  • Added ability icon for Mars’ Spear


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