Goose Goose Duck is an online game where geese work together on missions. Find out whose duck is hiding in the geese. And This is a competitor for Among US.


     Hello, come back to meet me, Aje Nut again. After working or studying hard, We wouldn't want to add stress and get tired from the most intense games, right? So we have to find online games to have fun playing with friends in the gang. And anyone who has a lot of friends must have fun games to increase relationships. Because sometimes we will find true friends through these activities, hahaha. Before, there were online lie detection games like 'Among US', which were very popular with Thai gamers. But now we have found that there is a trending competitor like the 'Goose Goose Duck' that is very playful. Our character is that goose. And trying to find out who is the fake goose If you want to know how to play, read on.

Although 'Goose Goose Duck' has a similar system to 'Among US'. But there will be different funny points. The people were divided into two teams. That's geese and ducks. Goose is a good player who is responsible for completing various missions. Duck is a nefarious player who secretly comes to assassinate the goose one by one. and obstructing the goose's mission. which is similar to 'Among US' But there will be a variety of features. For example, A goose with careers to choose from. And ducks can eat corpses. And after that, everyone will come together and vote to find the real villain”.

As said in the beginning, although they are similar. But it's not the same as you think. Especially the various missions that players will have to do. Who started playing this game for the first time, you might be a little confused. Players need to calculate the time in dividing various missions. Because it took quite a lot of time for one mission to complete.It is said that before completing the mission, we are paranoid and afraid that we will be killed or not. And this is the charm of goose players.


The duck player has a mission to kill the goose and also has another mission. Duck has to start Sabotage to complete unlock missions during that time, the ducks have to keep a close eye on what the geese are doing. The mission has begun and it's time for fun. Each stage has different missions for each goose. And this point that makes 'Goose Goose Duck' is not repetitive.

Let's talk about the game in-depth, 'Goose Goose Duck', where people act sly and slander. It's the most head-scratching game. The game is constantly adding features. Many times the goose players were suspicious of the goose side. Because geese can kill each other, they can burrow pipes, and this makes the game even more fun. There are geese and ducks, and there is also the single-player 'Dodo Bird'. Trying to make everyone wonder and vote for themselves then win. This made it harder to predict. It can be said that there was a lot of confusion. Warning, Sometimes we have to deceive our friends until they are shocked.


In 'Goose Goose Duck' we have to unlock the character customization, Role play customization, various colors, and including customizing the emotes.For example a fart yes really fart! I don't want to believe famous creators like 'Ek HEARTROCKER' will love playing this game very much. Until the developers have to come out to thanks for making this game famous. And designed exclusive skins for him. Let’s think about how famous it is!

Another thing that makes the game interesting is this game is free to play on both platforms PC [Steam], iOS and Android. And also can play as 'Cross-platform playable'. Most importantly, 'Goose Goose Duck' supports multiple languages, so people have more fun. Within the game, there is a setting that you want the game to come out in any way. For example, whether it's vision distance, walking speed, or other rules. That makes each game play fresh. You can also save it for future use as well.


Anyone interested in playing can download the game 'Goose Goose Duck' at the link below.


Goose Goose Duck PC Platform [Steam] - Click Here

Goose Goose Duck iOS Platform - Click Here

Goose Goose Duck Android Platform - Click Here

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