Tencent Gaming Buddy play PUBG Mobile with PingBooster

Game: Tencent Gaming Buddy

PingBooster offers a VPN for the games, making Tencent Gaming Buddy play Smooth and Reduce lag.

When connecting PigBooster VPN, it will make the game play smoother and safer for Tencent Gaming Buddy play Pubg mobile.

The fastest way to play, Tencent Gaming Buddy Get PingBooster Now


1. Register: www.pingbooster.com

2. Setup PingBooster Client: www.pingbooster.com/setup

How to use PingBooster with Game Tencent Gaming Buddy

For anyone who has a game on the device, you can press Scan Games. The system will automatically import the game.

If you find the game, go to step 2.

*but can't find you need to add manually 

Step 1 Add Game


"Add Games"

Choose " Tencent Gaming Buddy "


Step 2 Start Game

Choose " Tencent Gaming Buddy"


Select Server and click "Start Game"

Recommed Server Connect Tencent Gaming Buddy
Recommed Server VPN Thailand 1 2 3 or Singapore 1 2 3 
and look Recommed in Server List 


Start for a while. PingBooster will open the game itself. Then play Tencent Gaming Buddy game now.


Which can reduce, reduce game, split internet, split game, block game, increase online game experience better?

There is a problem, can notify the PingBooster team at any time.





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