Pingbooster is a program for playing online games. Use to separate the network, separate the internet, separate games without sharing the internet with various websites. You can choose a game to play, the system will separate the game from the internet. To increase the efficiency of playing, less lag, less ping, better through game blocks.




Now that it's November, PingBooster is giving gamers a discount. Because we are late to pay. 🤟💜 Discount for 20 % for monthly usage plans. Good promotion like this. Let's do it up to 11 days.

Reduced like this. Can't wait for people who play games and like to encounter problems with lag. Ping is high. Ping swing can't play foreign games. Must be arranged 🎉


✅ Buy 1 month, discount up to 20% ✅

✅ From the full price of 170 baht, reduced to 136 baht only ✅

⏰ Promotion period Starting from 11-21 November 2022 only.


Easy payment method

  1. Click on this link now.
  2. Choose the method you want to pay There are many channels to choose fromorder-pro-november
  3. Choose the plan you want and press buy.  and click to order That's it and you're done. It's that simple.




Trust the timing in your life.

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