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what is pingbooster

Q: What is PingBooster?

A: We have been the best VPN provider for gamers. In the past 4-5 years, international online games have been very popular in Thailand. From abroad, we have developed a game system that serves more regional servers for online games, including SEA, ASIA, EU, USA, and other custom servers. We have developed a service to connect to different countries and find ISPs (Internet Service Providers) that allow online game players to connect directly to the server of the game as smoothly as possible for uninterrupted fun.



what is vpn

Q: What is a VPN?

A: VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is an encryption program that was originally created to prevent data leaks or from being accessed by an unauthorized individual. The owner of the VPN can also do data routing. For example, Company A has an internal system that outsiders cannot access. If an employee of Company A is wanting to use the system, you must use a computer within the office but during the Covid-19 pandemic, employees are unable to travel to work, so it is imperative to work from home. IT departments have installed VPN systems to allow employees to connect from home to use the system within the office by connecting to the company’s VPN. The employees' computers will receive an IP Network which is virtually from within the office using the internet to connect and transfer whatever data. After that, it will be as if we use the internet from our workplace, but from the comfort of our homes. 


Q: How many types of VPNs are there and what does PingBooster do?

A: There are two major types of VPN programs: Open VPN and Tunnel VPN. Let us explain the difference:

     Open VPN is your normal VPN. For this example, if we choose to connect to a server located in Japan, the internet usage of our machine will be as if we are in Japan accessing our content, doing online searches, Google will think that we are Japanese and will pull search results from the Japanese database for us. At this point, it may make us use the website a little different from before (of course, connecting to a server from Japan, the language of the text may even change as usually we connect to Google with an English language).

     Tunnel VPN is a type of VPN that has a specific purpose. If you want to play a Ragnarok Online server for example, foreign servers might require you to use a VPN like PingBooster because your country is blocked from playing the game because it is not one of the countries that the game is covering. A good example for this situation would be a Ragnarok player from Thailand wanting to play ROMSP, but ROMSP only accepts registrations and players from Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. The Tunnel VPN (PingBooster) would then change the IP of your Ragnarok Online game (ROMSP) to a country of your choice without changing your computer’s IP address as a whole. In this case, you would want PingBooster to “tunnel your game” and connect it to a server from one of the countries that your game accepts.

OpenVPN TunnelVPN

     The PingBooster team saw the importance and differences of both of these VPN Types. PingBooster is special in a way where you can choose to work in both modes. When entering the game through PingBooster, it will work in the form of Tunnel VPN, and the game's data will be sent to our dedicated VPN server which is allocated for games only. The data used through the Tunnel Server will not be hijacked by general website users, in which, if customers want to use Open VPN, they may do so by choosing to connect via Google Chrome by clicking its icon within PingBooster. Whichever browser you use, you can access it through this channel. Each channel or game would have their own icons within PingBooster and if your game or program is not included, you are more than welcome to manually add it seamlessly.



Q: What user style is PingBooster suitable for?

A: We help reduce the ping value for players of online games in foreign servers. We make it possible for you to play games that are restricted to your region as well as being able to access the content of certain games that are partially blocked for players in certain countries such as GTA, players in certain countries cannot access Casino content and of course, we are a VPN provider, and we can provide you with the security of anonymity to seamlessly connect to your favorite game, especially your IP.=


Q: Is PingBooster free?

A: We have a monthly service fee. Though we would be happy to give you a 1 day trial and 2 additional days for free if you confirm your subscription by SMS. (Thailand only)


     When your trial period expires, the program will become inactive. Collection of payment will only happen if you are willing to subscribe as a paid user and there will be no automatic deductions or charges.



Q: I want to play inter-server games in the USA, but I my ping is still 200ms+?

A: Internet response speed or ping speed is measured by the speed of the data transmission to the receiver and from the data sender running through Fiber Optic pipes. If you are in the same country as the receiver, there would not be a significant difference in ping because light travels very fast but if the receiver is in a different country (farther distance), the ping will be different (higher ping in this case).


For example:

     Thailand to Thailand Ping will be about 10-20 ms

     Thailand to Singapore with a distance of about 2,000 km, the ping will be around 40-60 ms

     Thailand to USA with a distance of about 13,000 km, the ping will be around 190-260 ms

     The ping value also depends upon the number of users of the same route around the world at any given time, but what should be noted is that the ping's oscillation should not swing to too many different numbers or values and that will give us the smoothest experience.




Q: How many countries does PingBooster provide and what games does it support?

A: We have servers serving many countries and we support more than 100 online games to date. We have a team that inspects the quality of our servers and their connections and selects only the servers that are suitable for that game. This is beneficial for users as they get to choose which location to use easily without confusing themselves.

     See more games list =>  www.pingbooster.com/game

     See more Server VPN =>  www.pingbooster.com/location.


Q: If I want to play mobile games in BlueStacks, can PingBooster be used?

A: Mobile emulators other than BlueStacks such as Nox, LDPlayer and other emulators can also run through PingBooster.


Q: Does Ping Booster have an app for Android and IOS phones?

A: Our mobile application is currently in development but will be available soon, so be sure to watch out once it is released!


Q: If I am interested in PingBooster, how do I get started?

A: PingBooster offers free testing. Just apply for membership via our website and confirm your account via email. This would give you 1 day to test it for free and once you confirm via SMS, you will get another 2 days immediately for free, giving a total of 3 days.

     From there, you may then install the PingBooster program, which will scan your system for games. After that, you may select your favorite game from within PingBooster and select the desired server location and simply click Start.

     If you are satisfied with PingBooster, you are more than welcome pay for the service. Prices start at just 170 baht per month, we also have options of 3 months and 1 year. For those who are interested in 3 months and 1 year prices, enter the Discount Code: PayPingBooster to get a 15% discount as our way of appreciating you along with many special privileges for customers who pay for our service, whether it being through a promo code, a free day every month, and support to help you unleash the full potential of our product. 

     Try us now =>  www.pingbooster.com




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