Guillotine Attack Ragnarok

Hello to fellow guillotine lovers! When we think about guillotine cross, we’ll think about how to get maximum damage. In RO, the main factor of the damage is all about the attack, but ATK from RO is more complex than that. In this article, we’ll tell you about all of the factors that affect the guillotine. Which every variable was tested in both IRO and TRO by us, we assure you an accuracy of 99%!

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Cautions: since this topic has a lot to focus on, we have to sum up most of the content, so if you’re interested or have any confusion at any point given, we will link the articles relevant to this topic, so don’t worry.


Final Attack Equation

ATK Formula

We’ll divide the final attack into 4 parts to make it easier to understand.

The numeric part

SATK x 2 + WATK + PEATK + EATK + OIATK + CATK + BuffATK + MasteryATK

The skill booster part

AKM x Skill% x Skill Multiplier%

The defense part

x HardDEF% - SoftDEF

The final damage booster part

x Long Range% x (1.4 x Crit Dmg%) x Dark Claw


Before we go into types of ATK, let’s talk about the rules of multiplying in RO 

1. SERC Addition(Attacks) - Summation of cards, skills, or gear (4 kinds)

  • Size   Ex. Skeleton Worker Card
  • Element   Ex. Vadon Card
  • Race   Ex. Hydra Card
  • Class   Ex. Abysmal Knight Card

SERC Addition

2. SERC Reduction(Defense) - Summation of cards, skills, or gear (4 kinds)

  • Size   Ex. Ogretooth Card
  • Element   Ex. Aqua Elemental Card
  • Race   Ex. Teddy Bear Card
  • Class   Ex. Alice Card

 SERC Reduction

3. Element Multiplier - This might be a little bit confusing with the element which we just mentioned to you earlier. It’s not the same! That “element” is calculated by the damage caused by elements, but this element (win-lose rate) is calculated by the difference of elements between our weapon and the target’s weapon.
***Element’s order: The coating element will coat the right-handed weapons element.


Guillotine’s skill that affects element multiplier is Venom Impression that will make the target’s defense against poison decrease. In another word, it will make more poison-element damage to the target.

In this case, the calculation is more precise, multiplying is used instead of addition. This makes the damage more deadly.

Venom Impresssion

If the target is Fire lv.1, we’ll coat the weapon with Enchant Poison making it a poison element. Element multiplier = 1.25 times (125%)

If you use Venom Impression lv.5 to the target, the damage will increase by 1.25 x 1.5 = 1.875 times (187.5%)

This is the result!

Element Multiplier

VI = 1 + Venom Impresssion (after full VI = 1.5, if not VI = 1)

From these multipliers mentioned above. Can you spot any relation between those three? Different variables will have a multiplying relationship, whilst the same variables will be summed up and multiplied by another variable. It’s like a rule in Ragnarok

“The same sum, the different multiply”

For Example, if you apply card 2 Hydra 1 Mine 1 Turtle General
Hydra = Race Addition
Mine = Size Addition
Turtle General = Class Addition

SERC Addition = [1+(20%+20%)]x[1+(15%)]x[1+(20%)]
= 193.2% or 1.932 times


Numeric part

This part is actually called total ATK, which is divided into 8 categories. (Not every category will be shown in the window Alt+Q) Each category will have SERC Addition, Reduction, and Element Multiplier.


Status Attack

***This formula is for short-distance weapons, the guillotine included.

SATK is ATK from status which are Str, Dex, Lux. These numbers can be seen in the window (Alt+Q), mostly it’s already calculated for you, all you need to do is x2 to make it Final Attack

Status Attack

Characteristic of Status Attack

✅No size penalty
✅Don’t receive EDP multiplier
✅Non-Element ATK, but can change elements by using skills like Mild Wind
✅Don’t receive SERC Addition
✅Receive Final Dmg multiplier, which are AKM, Skill, Long Range, Crit Dmg and, Dark Claw
✅Only has defense multiplier by race

Weapon Attack

Weapon Attack

1.Base Weapon Damage - Real damage from weapon Ex. Combat Knife has a damage of 80

2.Variance = +- 0.05 x WeaponLevel x BaseWeaponDamage. This variable tells how much your weapon swings, especially with high level 

**If you get a power to maximize buff or make a critical attack, the variance will be on a high level +0.05 × WeaponLevel × BaseWeaponDamage

3.StatBonus = BaseWeaponDamage × Str ÷ 200, you will get this bonus from upgrading the main status (STR as for short-distance weapons)

4.Refinement, ATK get from refining weapon in each level.

5.OverUpgrade is an ATK received from weapons that have been refined more than their limit, making it swings.

6.HighUpgrade is an ATK from weapon refined from 16 or more.


7.SizePenalty Multiplier = is the result after deducting size and type of weapons. In RO, there are various sizes of monsters, so, using weapons against them won’t be the same.

Size Penalty

Features of Weapon Attack

✅Has Size Penalty
✅It will gain a 4x multiplier when utilizing EDP (preferably 4x1.25, 4x WATK, and 1.25x PEATK, which will be described later. EDP Secret Properties has further information.)
✅The element can be modified based on Weapon Element, Enamel, Element Leaf, or any other skill with an element.
✅All multipliers have an impact (Size, Element, Tribe, AKM, Skill, Long Range, Critical and Dark Claw)
✅All defense multipliers will be gained (size, element, tribe, and type)
✅WATK is hand-fixed (Ragnarok Dual Weapons has further information about dual weapons.)


Pseudo-Element Attack

Pseudo-Element Attack

PEATK is a type of pseudo-element damage. Can be gained by clicking on EDP, Magnum Break, or other skills that give indirect damage. PEATK is calculated using WATK, process through win-lose rate of pseudo-element damage, target element, and PE%. Ex. Magnum Break has PE% Fire = 20% and EDP has PE% Poison = 25% (Learn more about Pseudo-Element ATK in EDP Secret Properties)

Pseudo-Element Attack is the same as WATK in terms of attributes.


Equipment Attack

Equipment Attack

EATK is an ATK obtained by adding ATK from all sources, such as equipment, cards, and other possibilities other than WATK.

Examples of EATK 

Options ATK

Such as Fighting Spirit 5 Attribute ATK +18 HIT +5 increase ATK. ATK +18 is regarded as an EATK.


Cards ATK

Such as Skeleton Worker's ATK +5 and 15 percent damage to medium monsters --> ATK +5 is considered an EATK.


Costumes ATK

Critical Shadow Weapon ATK attribute +10, every refine level get ATK+1, when bevel reaches +7 level, will get Crit Dmg +1% --> ATK +10, every refine level get ATK+1 referred too as EATKenhancement.


Item’s Attribute ATK

For example, upgrading Katar’s characteristics on every level will gain ATK+10 and Crit Dmg 2%. Every 10 levels after 70, the character will get ATK +10 → Every refining level gains ATK+10 and every 10 levels after 70, the character will get ATK +10 is considered EATK


The property of Equipment Attack

✅No Size Penalty
✅Will be multiplied by four when utilizing EDP.
✅The element can be modified based on the weapon element, glaze, elemental leaf, or other elemental skills
✅All multipliers are self-multipliers (Size, Element, Tribe, Type, AKM, Skill, Long Range, Critical and Dark Claw)
✅All Defense Multipliers (Size, Element, Tribe, and Type) 
✅WATK is hand-fixed (Ragnarok Dual Weapons has further information about dual weapons.)


Occult Impaction Attack

Occult Impaction Attack

OIATK is an ATK obtained by equipping an Ice Pick, a Thanatos MVP card, or an effective Monk class Occult Impaction skill. Penetrates 100% of armor and divides the target's Hard DEF by two and increases your ATK.


Characteristic of Occult Impaction Attack

✅ In every way, Occult Impaction Attack is similar to EATK


Consumable Attack

Consumable Attack

ATK from pills or food is known as CATK. Such as Red Booster's ATK+30 or Box of Resentment's ATK+20.

Consumable Attack feature

✅which is similar to EATK in every way


Buff Attack

Buff Attack

BuffATK is an ATK derived from various ATK-giving talents. Figures like the Impositio Manus of the Priest or Odin's Blessing of the Bishop.

Characteristic of Buff Attack

✅ In every way, it's the same as EATK.


Mastery Attack

Mastery Attack

MasteryATK will only be affected with Katar-type weapons.

Characteristic of Mastery Attack

✅No Size Penalty
✅EDP won’t be included.
✅It’s a non-element ATK, but the element can be modified on its own
✅Size, Element, Tribe, Type multipliers don’t affect Mastery Attack but will get multiplied by AKM, Skill, Long Range, Critical and Dark Claw.
✅All Defense Multipliers (Size, Element, Tribe, and Type) 
✅Only Kater is used to getting MasteryATK.


After combining 8 categories (separately), we will sum all 8 of them into total ATK to calculate more further.

Total Attack


ATK that strengthen skill

divided into 3 parts


Advance Katar Mastery

Advanced Katar Mastery


AKM (Advanced Katar Mastery) - skills that everyone should update if you use Kartar weapon because it will increase the damage(%) it’s also one of the last variables in the equation.

Full AKM = 1.2




Skill% is the strength of the skill used

Ex. Cross Impact = 1100%~1500%

Rolling Cutter = (Base_Damage × BaseLv ÷ 100) 

Cross Ripper Slasher = (Base_Damage × BaseLv ÷ 100) + (AGI × SpinCount)


Skill Multiplier

Skill Multiplier%

Skill Multiplier% is the summation of items or cards or buff that strengthen the skills

Ex. Guillotine Katar - Cross Impact 30%


Defense Deducted ATK 

This part may not be linking to ATK but will decrease our ATK, which consist of 2 parts:

Hard Defense

Hard Defense

HardDEF% (Hard Defense) = [(4000 + HardDEF) ÷ (4000 + HardDEF × 10)]

Is % of defense power from gear and refined weapons. HardDEF will be shown in the window (Alt+Q) as in this image. After you’re done calculating, you’ll be left with HardDEF% which is damage left from deducting out HardDEF.

Ex. [(4000 + 58) ÷ (4000 + 58 × 10)] = 88.60%

From the example, HardDEF 58 unit decreases damage by 100-88.60 = 11.40% which means attack damage has now dropped to 88.60%


Soft Defense

Soft Defense

SoftDEF for player

SoftDEF = Floor[(((VIT รวม ÷ 2) + (AGI รวม ÷ 5) + (BaseLv ÷ 2)) + SoftDEF Bonus) × ((1 + SoftDEF Multiplier) ÷ 100)]

SoftDEF for monster

SoftDEF = Floor[(VIT รวม + Base Level) ÷ 2]

Is defense that’s truly deducted from what is shown in the window(Alt+Q) or can be calculated by the formula given above.

SoftDEF Bonus is an increase of SoftDEF in number Ex. Divine Protection +Soft DEF = Skill lv x 3

Moreover, SoftDEF Multiplier is to increase SoftDEF(%) Ex. Angelus +Soft DEF = (Skill lv x 5) %


Penetrating DEF


There are two types of penetrating for guillotine: penetrating at 100 percent and less than 100 percent

1) Hundred percent penetrating entails using Incantation Samurai, Ice Pick, or Thanatos to penetrate both hard DEF and soft DEF. This makes HardDEF% = 100% and SoftDEF = 0%.

2) Does not penetrate completely, such as the Blue Costume or the Abusive Robe. This garment will now breach half of the Demi-Human race's DEF, Undead, and Demons but does not penetrate 100%, as of patch 16.1. This game will only calculate penetrating Hard DEF. This is calculated by deducting Hard DEF by a percentage, then using the real Hard DEF formula.

HardDEF target = 150.

Ex. Hard DEF target = 150 + 50% armor penetration,

HardDEF target = 150,

i.e. Hard DEF target = 150, + 50% armor penetration,

original Hard DEF rate = (4000+150) / (4000+(150 x 10). ) = 75.45%

Hard DEF after penetrating = 150 x 50% = 75 Then take 75 to calculate the hard DEF formula = (4000+75) / (4000+(75x10)) = 85.79%,damaged.

it can be seen that the target is increase by = 85.79-75.45 = 10.34%


ATK Final Damage

The part that many people are particularly enthusiastic about. Because it's the equation's final multiple and has the most noticeable effect among the multipliers.

Long Range

Long Range

Long Range% = the total of all items, cards, or options that boost long-range attack damage.

Long Range from gear

Bravery Bag will let you gain +5 long-ranged attack damage at level +7. If the user has 90 Dex or more, at level +9 will increase attack damage by 5%.

Long Range from cards

Menblatt Card, in every base DEX 10 will get long-range attack damage +1%

Long Range from options

Option Expert Archer 5 will get long-range attack damage of +10%


Critical Damage

Critical Damage

Critical Dmg% = Total sum of items, cards, or options apply to increase critical damage

In general, the character will start with critical damage of 1.4 times. But you can increase the critical damage by using items that escalate critical dmg%.

(You can read the full detail of critical in Critical ATK)


Dark Claw

Dark Claw

The skill that every Guillotine player has to upgrade to the max. The target will get 2.5 times short-range physical damage. Because this is the last multiplier, the final damage will be huge if you manage to get this right.

Dark Claw


Summary and remarks

After reading about types of ATK that are relevant to Guillotine, let’s wrap this up a little bit, shall we?

คุณสมบัติของ ATK

Features of ATK

1. For dual dagger crit assassin, When calculating ATK you need to separate left and right-hand equations. By this, every variable is the same except for WATK, right-handed needs to be calculated by right hand’s weapon, do the same with the left hand. Lastly don’t forget to deduct 20% off, from using dual weapons. 

2. ATK that should pay attention to is every ATK that multiply from EDP and element. The reason is, elements are adjustable for a guillotine. These are the order by their importance and priority:

WATK  >  EATK  >  SATK  >  OIATK/ CATK/ BuffATK  >  PEATK  >  MasteryATK

Many people have asked why I chose although even though it lacks an EDP multiplier. And the larger the benefit, the more weapons we use with a higher Base Weapon ATK. EDP will multiply this benefit as well.

For example, the Kata Guillotine ATK 200 will have STR Bonus = STR x (200/200), which means that upgrading 1 STR will result in 1 WATK.

3. Despite the fact that WATK is 4x1.25 times more effective for guilds than other ATK types, we should concentrate on this ATK in particular. However, there is still a disadvantage in terms of size. If you're a crit knife without a drake card, you should focus on other ATKs rather than WATK, but don't ignore WATK entirely. It's still significant, but not as much as it once was. When attacking a target without a size penalty, we should focus on increasing WATK as much as feasible.

4. As often asked question is, "Which strength multiplier is the best?" The majority of the responses will be Crit Dmg %...yes, technically because it's the real final damage, but that's not how it works in practice. “The same sum, the different multiply”. This means multipliers of the same type are added. To illustrate to you guys, what is greater between 1x9 and 5x5. The answer is 5x5 even both 1+9 and 5+5 have the same answer, 10. As a result, we should pay attention to other multipliers as well. SERC multiplier, Element Multiplier, and VI also affect ATK through EDP as well. In another word, applying items for SERC in Guillotine is as good as applying for Crit Dmg%.

Other than that, another two final multipliers, Skill Multiplier and Long Range. This also plays a significant role. When applying RO's law (multiply each multiplier). After we do some math and algebra, we’ll get a much clearer version of the equation.

SERC Addition x Element Multiplier x VI x AKM x Skill Multiplier% x Long Range% x Crit Dmg%

In conclusion, not just size, element, race, types are combined, but every variable matters in RO. Because in reality, all variables affect the outcome since they’re all linked by multiplications.

5. Element Multiplier/Win-lose table is so powerful! You know why? It’s so easy as a guillotine player, you can just look at the chart and calculate with the fixed number given in the chart. This variable is called the Final Damage of each ATK.


Coming to the last paragraph, for someone who’s still reading, I’m just going to say that, prepare yourself for becoming a god! Don’t forget to play within your budget, because each person has a different budget. Even if you know the formulas and charts, if you aren’t on a budget, it’s just useless.


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