What is critical ATK?

It’s an attacking style in Ragnarok Online where it will increase damage when compared to a normal attack. Which plays important role in attracting people to play RO.


Characteristic of critical ATK

✅ Multiply damage by 1.4 times
✅ Wearing a guard or armor can help to strengthen the critical damage.
✅ The probability of critical damage depends on the critical rate.
✅ Critical rate will be shown in the window by Alt+Q but critical damage won’t.
✅ The Katar-type weapon will increase the critical rate by 2 times.
✅ Like Final Damage of RO
✅ Critical ATK will surely hit the target no matter what.

Crit Damage =  1.4 x (1+additional items/guards crit damage) (in %)

Ex. Item 30% Guard 40% will make: Crit Dmg = 1.4 x (1+0.3+0.4) = 2.38 times = 238%

Crit Rate = (Luk(total)/3) + additional items/guards Crit Rate (in %)

Ex. The character have Luk(total) = 120 with item of 30%: Crit Rate = 120/3 + 30 = 70%


How to dodge critical ATK

Critical ATK has a property of break though flee, so, can we dodge it though? The answer is yes! Another thing that will help reduce critical damage is what we call a critical shield.

Critical Shield = Luk(total) target /5 (in %)

Ex. Target with Luk(total) = 180 will have = Critical Shield = 180/5 = 36%


Real Crit Rate

As we know that the Crit Rate is Crit Rate and the Crit Shield is Crit Shield, so the Real Crit Rate is equal to

Real Crit Rate = Crit Rate - Crit Shield (unit is %)

In the example above, Crit Rate = 70% and Crit Shield = 36%, so Real Crit Rate = 70% - 36% = 34%.




How to make every attack critical?

From the real crit rate mentioned above, if you want to make every attack you made critical damage you have to make the real crit rate 100%. 

Crit Rate - Crit Shield = 100  --> Crit Rate = 100 + Crit Shield

Ex. target has Crit Shield = 36% then we have to make Crit Rate = 100 + 36 = 136%


Ways to make crit rate and crit dmg fit

After knowing that crit rate is the possibility of making the damage critical and how to make crit dmg higher. Though, items or guards wouldn’t help if your attack aren’t critical in the first place. Then, before thinking about how to boost your crit dmg, you might want to know about crit rate first, making crit rate more than 100% is the key because you will have to deduct the crit shield from real crit dmg. With a crit rate higher than 100%, there is a high chance of getting critical. We suggest having it 105+ then make use of items and guards.


What do you guys think? How much crit rate can you get? Lastly, I hope this article will help you fellow RO around the world! Don’t forget to use our service, PingBooster.


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