Enchant Deadly Poison (EDP)

One of the ultimate skill of Assassin class that is most popular in Ragnarok Online. Do you know that EDP has a secret effect within? This article has quite deep of RO game system.

Let's begin!

We are well known that EDP gives you multiplier 4 or 5 times of dmg depends on type of ATK. Today, I'm going to explain only about Weapon ATK. EDP gives you 5 times of your WATK but it gives you 2 part of multipliers indeed, 4 times * 1.25 times. Explaining by easy equation below.

= WATK*5

= WATK*4*1.25

= WATK*4*(1+0.25)

= 4*(WATK+0.25WATK)

0.25WATK or 25% of WATK is poison element effect that is not change by main-hand weapon element, elemtntal scroll nor elemental changing skill. This type of ATK called "Poison Pseudo-Element ATK (Poison PEA)". This affects when you attack any monster in game so your damage will depend on your target's element.


1. Attack Neutral Monster --> PEA = 25% (normal PEA)

2. Attack Fire (lv.1) Monster (poison element dmg 125%) --> PEA = 25%*1.25 = 31.25%

3. Attack Poison (lv.1) Monster (poison element dmg 0%) --> PEA = 25%*0 = 0%

4. Attack Undead (lv.1) Monster (poison element dmg -25%) --> PEA = 25%*(-0.25) = -6.25%

Explaining by 3 cases below. (determine WATK = 100)

Attack Undead (lv.1) Monster

Attack Neutral Monster

Attack Fire (lv.1) Monster

 = 4*(100+(0.25*100*-0.25))  = 4*(100+(0.25*100*1))  = 4*(100+(0.25*100*1.25))
 =4*(100+(-6.25))  =4*(100+25))  =4*(100+31.25))
 =4*(93.75)  =4*(125)  =4*(131.25)
 = 375  = 500  = 525

When your PEA deal less damage to targets, your total atk is decrease. On the other hand, your PEA deals more damage to targets, your total atk is increase. Thus we can conclude that EDP has chance to give you less or over 5 times like we have known.

When we already know this, how to solve this decreasing damage ? The answer is YES!

You have to use one more skill, Magnum Break (MB), to solve decreasing damage. Assassin class can use MB by using some items such as Marine Sphere Card, Turtle General Card or wearing Fairy Leaf Powder

How Magnum Break solves this decreasing damage?

Since MB is ongoing, we will get Fire Pseudo-Element ATK (Fire PEA) for 10 second. The rule of PEA is only one PEA can be activated (no stacking). When you use MB you will get Fire PEA and when you use EDP you will get Poison PEA. The last skill you have used will activate itself PEA also remove previous PEA effect. For example, when you use EDP you will get Poison PEA then use MB. Since MB effect is ongoing, you will get Fire PEA for 10 second. After Fire PEA has gone, there is no any PEA left because Fire PEA already removed Poison PEA.


"Thus, in case you attack a target that received more damage from poison element by using only EDP, your total atk is less than is should be. But when you use MB after EDP and wait for Fire PEA is outgoing, your total atk will increase as it should be"

This is using EDP and MB conclusion table i have made for you guys still can't remember monster element.

remark: this table is made for how to use EDP and MB refer to using non-element weapon attack any element monster except Ghost element monster.

Poison PEA damage to other element monster table by Sigma


How about secret of EDP trick? I wish it is helpful for who playing assassin. Let's try maximum damage of EDP in any Ragnarok Online Server around the world now! Don't forget to use Pingbooster VPN for the best experience.

Thanks for information from Sigma





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