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     Ragnarok Online, the legendary MMORPG that has been going strong for over 10 years. Created and developed for the first time in South Korea on November 1, 2001 and developed by Gravity Corporation. After 9 months of testing, it was officially opened for the first time in late 2002.

     Over the course of 18 years, Ragnarok has been developed into many different server versions, one of them is a Server Original that still follows the timeline of the original content. The character development from Class 1> Class 2> High Class 99> Class 3 150> Class 3 175> Class 3 185 and currently can develop up to Class 3 with a max level of 200!! 

     Aside from that, it seems that there are still many players who yearn for fun from their childhood as Ragnarok is one of the games that they played in their younger years. Therefore, various retro servers have emerged and currently, the game is separated into three other types namely  

     Ragnarok Classic, Ragnarok Zero and Ragnarok Revo Classic.

     Let's get to know the legendary game a little bit more. Do you know how many countries are the servers serving Ragnarok Online in the world? Today, we have gathered this information for you by asking a person who has been collecting Ragnarok Online game data for a long time, Mr. Sigma, from his current data, the entire service server is divided into 11 groups, each of which will be discussed here. The information is as follows:

1.KRO (Korea Ragnarok Online)



     South Korea servers Opened by Gravity Corporation, is the original Ragnarok server and is the most content-rich server to date. With constant optimization recently, the ceiling has been expanded, and the max level is up to 200!!!


2. JRO (Japan Ragnarok Online)



     The Japan server is operated by Gungho Online Entertainment. The majority of Gravity's partners call it the original server of strange items, including their system. Many systems developed in different versions from kRO originated from Japanese servers. One of them is an item called OCP!!


3. IRO (International Ragnarok Online)



     International Servers Opened by Gravity Interactive, also known as Warportal, is a well-known server that many Thai people know as a number of people form groups and invite each other to try new patches that have been upgraded. Passing from kRO and jRO by language to communicate and play games is not difficult because they use English as well


This also has Ragnarok Transcendence.




4. TWRO (Taiwan Ragnarok Online)



     Taiwan’s server also caters to Hong Kong, and Macau players and is Operated by Gravity Communication.


5. BRO (Brazil Ragnarok Online)



     The Brazil server was opened by WarpportalBR but is actually maintained by Level Up! Provider initially.


6. TRO (Thailand Ragnarok Online)



     Thailand servers has changed hands twice and is currently opening its third service which will be run by Gravity Game Tech Co. Ltd., a company from Gravity. The familiar name is the owner of the game license: Ragnarok Online and they have invested to open the company which will be a Ragnarok Online game service provider in Thailand. They are currently in the process of preparing for the CBT trial, which has not yet determined a time period for the service to come out. You can follow for more information at the website below:


7. MSPRO (Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines Ragnarok Online)


mspro-malaysia-singapore-philippines-ragnarok-online     mspro-malaysia-singapore-philippines-ragnarok-online     mspro-malaysia-singapore-philippines-ragnarok-online

     The servers for Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines are provided by Electronics Extreme which is a combination of MRO and PRO servers.


8. IDRO (Indonesia Ragnarok Online)



     The Indonesian server is currently waiting for service, but this will be run by Gravity Game Link (moving from Gravindo)


9. EURO (Europe Ragnarok Online)



     Consists of 28 European countries, awaiting service from 4game (relocated from Whybe).


10. CRO (China Ragnarok Online) (Closed)


     The Chinese server was opened by Shanghai Ta Ren

Closed on June 30, 2016


11. RURO (Russia Ragnarok Online) (Closed)


     The Russian server and the CIS countries are operated by 4game.

Closed on November 16, 2018



     That concludes all 11 groups with their information for your reference. Though 2 of them are closed down, 9 of them are still open for you to try and enjoy according to your country of origin. This is making me reminisce about the memories that I have had playing this game through the years. Ragnarok is not just a single platform. There are many other interesting platforms and games. Especially now, the popular mobile games will continue to be available and more of them will be developed and released in the near future.

     Lastly, if your friends are thinking about the old atmosphere and want to go back to your younger years when you played Ragnarok Online, you can register and play the game through the information above. 

     One server that was challenging for us to connect to is iRO, which is the American server. We were able to play the game with a group of players here in Thailand, but the ping was very high which was around 300ms. When we play games with servers from overseas like iRO, a good VPN program like PingBooster will reduce the ping significantly especially the delay in talking to NPCs, using various skills including the use of the "Fly Wing" item that needs instantaneous speed, your movement, and your basic attacks.

Apply here (LINK)


ragnarok official server

credit data : Sigma the fallen , AtAss Gaming




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