Call of Duty: Vanguard is an exciting online shooting game, It's back once again in World War II.

Call of Duty: Vanguard 

     Hello, come back to meet me, AJe Nut again! When it comes to online shooting games that rival the Battlefield series, the 'Call of Duty' series is inevitable. Although the new part of Battlefield this time chooses to return to the modern times war and not go back to the past as before. In contrast to Call of Duty, in the new installment, they also decided to tell the story of World War II. The game has an interesting system. “Call of Duty: Vanguard”, which is directed by the Sledgehammer games studio, is overseeing the project. The reviews have been very positive. Let's get to know this part to see what's interesting.


     When it comes to the Call of Duty series, the first thing is 'Story Mode [Campaign]'. Which in “Call of Duty: Vanguard” did not disappoint.The story in this installment will be told through characters from 4 countries. Consists of England, United States, Russia and Australia. Each character has different abilities and play styles. What I would like to admire is the diverse presentation of the plot of this installment. Because we will see the aspects of the 4 characters that are the real reason that what exactly do they want? If scoring in story mode is considered very good. It takes about 6 - 8 hours to complete the story.


     After mentioning the story mode [Campaign], what is indispensable in the game “Call of Duty: Vanguard” is 'Online mode [Multiplayer]' and this is the highlight of this game that has it all. The games in online mode are divided into two major modes. The first mode is the regular online mode and zombie online mode. I will continue to explain each mode.


     Online mode [Multiplayer] regular of the game “Call of Duty: Vanguard” in the game play is easy, not complicated. If anyone has ever played an old part like Modern Warfare, it will be very familiar and enjoyable. Because the playing style is almost similar, the only difference is the theme. If looked in depth, the game system has not evolved from the original. Remaining only to maintain the same standard, which has both advantages and disadvantages at the same time. Overall, it's not bad at all. There are more than 20 maps in this sector for us to play. Anyone who plays Call of Duty: Warzone will also get the guns of that sector to use.

     Zombie online [Multiplayer] mode of the game “Call of Duty: Vanguard” is good for people who are tired of playing the same old game. If you want to relax more, this mode can definitely help. Because it is designed to be truly fun for players. Unnecessarily, high-level players can enjoy it. By this mode, there will be a little story where we have to fight Nazi zombies. who intends to use mysterious powers to take over the world. Wave comes to attack us. And will continue to increase the brutality.

     In this sector there are defensive zones. including the zones that must be clearly entered in the mission This makes it easy for new players who have never played this mode before.

     Upgrading guns is not difficult and you can also level up your guns in this mode. This makes it suitable for changing from the original. The variety of enemies in this mode is not much. Most of them are repetitive. I just want to have some new enemies.

     For who wants to play Call of Duty: Vanguard on the PC platform, available now only on the store! The price for Standard Edition is $59.99 or about 2,000 Thai Baht and for Ultimate Edition is $99.99 or about 3,340 Thai Baht. Although the price may be expensive, it is sometimes on sale. Important! This is another installment that Activision clearly announced. 'Cross-platform playable' It means that PC players can play with console players. You can purchase the game at this link


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