Deal Buy Package 1 YEAR GET 2 MONTHS FREE.

Deal Buy PingBooster Package 1 YEAR GET 2 MONTHS FREE.

The Best Deal PingBooster offers. When paying for the PingBooster buy Package 1 YEAR GET 2 MONTHS.


PingBooster Payment Methods



You can choose to pay in any way. But we recommend "Automatic Payment" You can use immediately after payment. No automatic deduction next time. No need to wait for the admin to check the payment.
You can also use a discount code from your favorite streamer up to 15% !!

Do not forget, until the end of 18 April 2021 only. Miss, and will find that the administrator can not recommend.

Promotion conditions

- The promotion period is 1-18 April 2021 only.

- Package for 1 year only

- Can be used in conjunction with Discount Code from participating streamers.

- This promotion does not support payment via True Money card.




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