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     Since the Covid-19 pandemic is an ongoing global pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 that is going on for about 3 years and seems like it will not disappear. The covid-19 pandemic effects on many industries,one of these industries is the video game industry. Many games were postponed by covid-19 pandemic. Today I want to talk about online games from other countries. Let’s check it !


Game : Lost Ark

Genre : Action MMORPG

Developer : Smilegate RPG

Platform : PC

Server provider : South Korea [KR], Russia [RU] and Japan [JP]

Preparing to provide : North America server [NA] and Europe server [EU] will be  open on 11th February 2022. Taiwan [TW] doesn’t announce the opening date

     The online game that many Thai gamers are waiting for opening the server in SEA is “Lost Ark”. Lost Ark is a performance of Smilegate RPG, it’s an action MMORPG genre. Now Thai gamers just play 3 servers such as Korea [KR], Russia [RU] and Japan [JP] and the most of these for Thai gamers is the Japan server because it’s kinda low ping.

     What is the most interesting thing about this game? From my point of view,it’s like Diablo and this game was run by Unreal Engine 4 which was updated from Unreal Engine 3. Nowadays it has beautiful graphics and several class systems as well. If the class systems have updated the gender options that have male and female for any classes,it would be the new class system.

     An important point is that the players can switch the skills in each class which make the attack power up and make the game more fun as well. If you want to know how cool this game is. Just try to get a high level into the 50th level up that the players will know the Endgame content respond to the players such as the PvP system or the explorer system which can build the ship and go to explore on the ocean. Moreover the fighting with the strong monsters in ‘Raid Boss’ is the challenge for players also


Game : Final Fantasy XIV Online

Genre : MMORPG

Developer : Square-Enix

Platform : PC, PlayStation 4 และ PlayStation 5

Server Provider: Most Thai people play on Japan server called ‘Tonberry’.

     This online game is like a MMORPG Genre. After “Final Fantasy XIV Online” was upgraded to be A Realm Reborn version or it’s called version 2.0. This game was updated and was developed all the time until the last version that had released the new content that is “Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker”. This game is so trendy for many players because the content is about the end of A Realm Reborn to the new story.

     Some gamers that are not fans of the Final Fantasy series have a question about how fun this game is? because it’s not like an Action MMORPG. However, Final Fantasy XIV online was continuously improved. Even though it’s not a full action, it can increase the skills like a normal action game and the effect video is so fantastic. If you can play the game in English,it will be more fun as well.

     Although you don’t understand English but you have friends who play with you, it will be fun together also. The Endgame content has a lot of things to do and easy to begin. Therefore, Final Fantasy XIV Online has many things to do that are more than you think. If you like a MMORPG genre which has a good society or is not too toxic in game,you will love this game.


Game : Naraka: Bladepoint

Genre : Action RPG Battle Royale style

Developer : 24 Entertainment

Platform : PC

Server provider : Global server 

     Naraka: Bladepoint is one of games that wasn't what I thought it would be. For “Naraka: Bladepoint” has a nickname that is Meteor online. After this game has been open until it is on sale now, the trend of this game is going well even though it has a problem like chinese players use the program for hacking but the game developer and the provider are concerned about this and band against these players including they find to handle the problem for these players who can’t use the program to make a problem with other players.

     Naraka: Bladepoint in an Action RPG genre that is easy for playing and it’s accessible for everyone. In the game is also Battle Royale action which was made a good version. The important thing is upgrading the new characters or the new weapons that players can access the characters or the weapons but one thing that players have to spend money on is ‘Gachapon’ which can get the character skins,weapon skins,icons etc. All of these that the players can get from getting the score to random or spending the real money to redeem etc.

     Naraka: Bladepoint has a tournament for competition that Thai organizers also had organized as a global competition. This game is like an Action RPG genre mixed with Battle Royale which is growing up in the future. The players who want to play this game that you can play with a special discount or full price as well, just get it now because it pretty has a good society in this game.


Game : MIR4

Genre : MMORPG

Developer : Wemade Next

Platform : PC and Smartphone (iOS and Android)

Server provider : Global Server

     It’s like the MMORPG genre which opens the mind for Thai gamers. MIR4 is the game that I really want to play. This game can be played on both iOS and Android, if you don’t have a high smartphone specification, you play the game on PC as well, which is fast to enter the game. MIR4 is a MMORPG genre that responds to gamers who like Free-PK and Guild War because it’s extremely fun for every type of player. And the strong point of this game that makes players like MIR4,is making the money. Some players get about 30 dollars per month from this game.

     Because MIR4 has been opened as a Global Server that makes Thai players meet with the players in SouthEast Asia [SEA]. The problem at the beginning is ‘BOt’ that some bad players use this bot and other players were so annoyed with these players, so this problem would make this game closed. But it’s so lucky that the developers solve the problem in time but it still has problems like this sometimes.

     These all are the example games that I talk about the online games from other countries during this period that most Thai gamers were playing. Next year is the year that will have interesting online games as well and some games are making a comeback in new chapters.




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