How To Fix tRO Block Overseas.

     Hello, if you're a fellow RO reading this right now. Ragnarok Online's current owner's management has been restricting IP addresses from outside nations for the past 2-3 months. The blocking is completely random and irrational; they block and unblock at random times. Another issue is deciding whether or not to get a VPN. We have no idea how long we'll need to use VPN; what if it's only for a month? Is it better to stay for three months or a year? We don't have any idea.


     Gravity Game Tech made it plain on February 22, 2021, that Thai people living outside the Kingdom of Thailand are not permitted to play this game. This clarification has left a lot of Thai folks heartbroken :,( But don't despair; there is a solution.

tRO Block Overseas

     Initially, the game included an advertisement that enticed us to play it without any warnings or cautions. When we think about it, any Thai who has been playing this game for months is terribly tragic! Until now, we've been desperately searching for a VPN provider in order to play this game.


     We'd like to introduce you to PingBooster VPN, a popular VPN server among RO gamers that supports a variety of servers like iRO, kRO, jRO, tRO, and many others. A vast number of gamers have put their trust in us. Our team works hard to lower your pings, which are the reason your game collapsing or lagging out of control.


     We knew as soon as we got this news that it would bring a lot of pain to RO gamers all around the world. Of course, in this circumstance, we'd never be neutral. It's actually our responsibility to assist you!


     There is now just one way to play the Geo-Blocking game. That is, obtain a VPN because tRO will only allow persons from the Kingdom of Thailand to connect to.

What is the best way to get to PingBooster's service? (Before interacting, please read the following information.)


1. Registering for a membership:

➡ Please double-check your email.

You will immediately receive a 24-hour trial after validating your email.


 2. Downloading the program 

➡ When you're done, the system will check for your games and apply them right away.

✅ If you like the bargain, you may pay monthly or annually using this link for 170 THB per month or 1690 THB per year.




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