Invite your Buddy to use PingBooster together Promotion Buy 1 Get 1 Free


Promotion for Month of Love ❤️ 1 GET 1 Free ❤️ With free VIP Code for 2 Days and LOGITECH GAMING GEAR G502 RGB HERO prizes are drawn every week.

The time of love, 1 - 21 February 2021, PingBooster has a Promotion 1 GET 1 Free

Example Mr. A purchases 1 Year subscription (57.99$), he will get 1 Special Code. Sends a code to Mr. B then activates a code in Promo Code tab, Mr. B will get 1-year subscription too.

* Special Code has 7 days lifetime (don't forget to send your friend a code and activate it.)

* Special Code CAN NOT be activated with a purchaser account.

Guidance to use PingBooster

1. Invite your Buddy to share!

2. Invite your girlfriend to share!

3. Send the code to your friend as a gift!

4. Don't have any friends to send? distribute for free!

5. Announce on social media to find someone to share!

6. PLANS 1-year Great value

How to get Code buy 1 get 1

  1. If you have never registered:  Register here
  2. Go to ORDER tab: Complete payment
  3. After you completed the payment, Special Code and purchase order are sent to your Email. The other way, you can get the code from Promotion tab Login
  4. Go to Promo Code tab: Promo Code
  5. Fill and activate the code.

Plans and Pricing


➡ 1 Month 5.79$

➡ 3 Months 15.29$

➡ 1 Year 57.99$

How ot payment PingBooster 

visit order: Order

➡ Credit/Debit Card

➡ PayPal

➡ QR Code

➡ Internet Banking

When order completed, you will receive a confirmation email with Code 1 free 1


Buy 1 Ger 1 Free By PingBooster

How to use Code 1 Get 1

  1. Login HERE
  2. Go to Promo Code 
  3. Fill and activate the code.

Page Promotion Code

Page Promo Code

Special VIP Code free 2 days

When a customer has a status Premium can use the VIP Code to receive an additional 2 days.

Code: MOLPingBooster

Use Code =>

Terms and Conditions

  • Term of Buy 1 Get 1 Free Promotion 1 – 21 February 2021
  • When you purchase term of subscription 1 Month, 3 Month or 1 Year
  • Complete payment via these ways Credit / Debit Card, PayPal, True Money, True Wallet or Bank Transfer
  • After complete your payment, you will get Special Code (subscription days as you have purchased). Get your code from Email comfirm your order or login -> Promotion tab.
  • This code CAN NOT activate with purchaser account but you can give to your friend, girlfriend, or anyone who shares with you.
  • The code has 7 days lifetime unable to activate after the expiration date.
  • For more details Facebook:
  • Website:
  • LINE: @pingbooster
  • Tel:  097-0472-960




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