Let's meet again If you meet Pee Ping where? I know that there must be good things there 🦈 🦈😍
And of course, Ping Ping has a great promotion today.
Waiting for the promotion. I can tell you that it's definitely worth it. 👍


✨Valentine’s Promotion 2023✨

Promotion Buy 1 get 1 free for your loved ones in every package throughout February. Pingbooster separates internet, separates games,
doesn't change IP while online, only Pingbooster is online.

No matter which package you aim for, whether it's daily, monthly or yearly, it's worth it. Let's get it today Promotion starts from 1-28 February 2023
Looking for friends to share. This promotion is the most valuable promotion. Pee Ping doesn't want all gamers to miss this opportunity,
no matter what, I have warned you 💯


Promotion period: 1-28 February 2023 ⏰


Conditions for receiving promotions ✅

  1. login Login to the Pingbooster website, check that the username is correct and the one you use.
  2. Order promotions at https://www.pingbooster.com/order
  3. Fill in the details and choose the package you want.
  4. You will receive a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Code for your loved ones **in the Payer's E-mail**
    **Code cannot be used with the payer's username**
    **Code is valid for 7 days after purchase**

💸Ping recommends automatic payment channels. This will allow customers to receive the package ordered immediately
without having to wait for the team to verify the balance. and don't worry We do not charge for future deductions.
It's just an automatic payment check system only. And there are various payment methods to choose from as follows

➡ Credit/Debit Card (Automatic)

➡ Mobile Banking QR Code (Automatic)

➡ True Money (automatic)

➡ Paypal (automatically)

➡ Transfer money to bank account (Waiting for approval 1-24 hours after transfer notification)





Trust the timing in your life.

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