PingBooster offers Promotion a Special Discount code 25%

🎉 PingBooster offers all customers a special mid-year promotion throughout June 2021.


Special Discount Code Up to 25% discount for 1 year package only!!

⭐ Discount Code: SC1Y


and 15% discount for package 1 month and 3 months use

⭐ Discount Code : PAYPINGBOOSTER


Can only use 4 channels

➡ Credit / Debit Card

➡ PayPal

➡ Internet Banking 

➡ Mobile Banking (QR Code)

 Discount Code ➡


It's not sold out yet. Give away Promo Code for free 3 days for customers who have already top up only.

If you have Premium status, just complete it.

⭐ Promo Code : M6D3




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