Game: 9yin (Age of Wushu) MMORPG game from Snail Games, 3D martial arts genre.


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Game: 9yin (Age of Wushu) 

     The game presents a kung fu aspect. In the game, there are vegetable growing, mining, trading career. Beautiful and cool costumes to choose from. There are levels for character development. There are beautiful and cool costumes to choose from. and also has a system of office There was a war between the sects. When winning the bureaucracy and members will receive many in-game rewards. can be used to upgrade the island Use to combine items to have more strength. The battle in the game will focus on dabble in the level. Use the experience gained from doing quests, push down, fight battles, go scout to turn into strength training energy within the battle in the game will focus on dabble in the checkpoint according to the story of the mission received. There is either a solo or a party with friends.


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