ARK: Survival Evolved, a dinosaur-themed game where we have to survive on a mysterious island, is now available for both PC and Mobile!

Hello! PingBooster friends today, let's get to know online games or games that are worth playing. If talking about dinosaur-themed online games, I believe that many people must know this game for sure with "ARK: Survival Evolved" which has been released on the PC platform [Steam] for many years and the trend of the game has been up and down. The level is very satisfying. Until finally this game has come to mobile phones for us to play together, which Studio Wildcard and War Drum Studio have been launching this game for a long time. Today we try to get to know the game. This version is very different from the PC version!


I have to explain to many of my friends who know this game first. “ARK: Survival Evolved” was originally released for PC [Steam], PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Survival [Survival] where the player finds himself on a deserted island with nothing on us at all. All you have to do is survive on this island because it's a terrifying "dinosaur". All you have to do is to create defensive gear like axes or bows. freely design That's not enough, some dinosaurs, we can also catch them as a group as well.



The concept of the original game is also included in the “ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile” game. Players have to face survival on an island filled with more than 80 different types of dinosaurs. When we start the game, we can create both male and female characters. We choose the area we want to be in and then we will appear on the beach just like the original game. The system will teach players what we need. The first is to find food by hunting dinosaurs such as minnow fish, minnow fish, and then we start to find various materials to create equipment for hunting or to build our shelter, etc.


interesting game

The game “ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile Version” also tells the details of each dinosaur clearly what is the name, type, gender, as well as the enemy's health, etc. In addition, our characters have stats. Various such as health stats, fatigue or oxygen costs, etc. In addition, there is also a percentage of hunger and thirst that will be reduced gradually, players themselves need to find raw materials to make these foods. I carry this with me.



We can also make various equipment to strengthen the character. At this point it's important. Because it will be able to fight with dinosaurs that are more fierce and brutal. And if we can scale up to more strength, we will be able to capture the dinosaurs that we want to join them in order to travel to various places around the island by our captured dinosaurs. I'm hungry, so I have to find food in case too. In addition, as we expand the territory, our accommodation can be larger. From a small house can be built into a village. At this point, if we are in online mode, we can invite friends to help build their own territory and do various activities within the game.



Currently, “ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile Version” content update 2.0 adds a lot of new details, such as new dungeons that we can explore. We also have to be careful because there are traps that can damage us directly. Dinosaurs in the dungeon will glow so that we can clearly see if we can manage it successfully. will receive a special item In addition, the graphics have been added to be more beautiful. Anyone who likes dinosaur-themed games, this game is another interesting game. Both platforms are iOS (click here) survival-evolved/id1280480538 or Android (click here)

Or if anyone wants to play the PC version of “ARK: Survival Evolved”, it is also available on the PC platform [Steam]. The price starts at 579 baht, but if you want to get access to new content, get it. At 1,328 baht, see more details at (click here)



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