Cabal Online, the online action MMORPG game, one of the most popular online games in the past, is back for business. With many new systems!

Hello! The PingBooster friends are reunited. Today will bring friends Get to know various online games That are open worldwide This game is known as one of the online games that have a very fun gameplay system that is "combo system", plus in the early days. Open can be considered as a game with very beautiful details graphics. With a game called "Cabal Online" from the ESTGames developer team, the current Thai server [TH] is under the supervision of Electronics Extreme.


Cabal Online

It can be considered as an Action MMORPG online game, that is it. The word "Kabbal" comes from the word "Kabbalah" which is Hebrew, meaning it is instruction or secret. It is a very fun gameplay system that the development team has made. Which they have held up a combo system that can do more Its damage and attack power are only very high. The next highlight is the graphics in the game, which is called the colors in the game, flashy. Plus the background music in the game is also because


The story inside the game talks about a force called "Cabal". They use them to transform Nevareth into a world that is cruel for everyone. As a result, the birth of all 8 heroes (in-game classes) are like the hope of restoring this land to its original peace. So as not to let the evil take over this land The player was one of those heroes. Pick up your weapon and defeat the enemy in front of you!


Currently, Cabal Online has 8 different character classes to choose from, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and attack styles. Which details are as follows

  • Warrior - He is a strong warrior armed with a large sword. He was one of the early descendants of harnessing power. He used his strength to increase the abilities of his body, making himself even more powerful. He was able to unlock Battle Mode so that his massive sword weapon became a "scythe" that could comfortably sweep through the enemies in front of him.
  • Blader - He is a skilled assassin who uses two swords at the same time. They were the successors of the control of medieval power. As it is recorded Their abilities evolved from Eastern martial arts, allowing them to skillfully use two swords at the same time. Then when Battle Mode was unlocked, he transformed both of his swords into "claws" that quickly attacked enemies and had extremely high destructive power.
  • Wizard - He is the master of the Force in various elemental forms. In which he is the heir of the last days As a legacy They showed pure power. In the past, they used their staff to increase their power. But after they had used their knowledge to change, it turned into a magic orb that controlled elements when they unlocked the Battle Mode, resulting in "being able to use two spells at the same time", giving them more attack power. 2 times more
  • Force Archer - He is a warrior who specializes in archery weapons. They were born into a group of wizards, which were modified weapons to attack with Force from a distance. In the end, I decided to use Crystals and Astral Bows together until they were able to connect their powers. They are capable of attacking enemies with great force, speed and accuracy. When the Battle Mode is unlocked, the weapon becomes a very powerful "dual gun". Although the violence is not very high But quickly killed the enemy
  • Force Shielder - One of the strongest and faithful warriors who use the Force to defend others. With a sword and shield made up of the Crystals and Astral Shield, they are at the forefront of battle to protect the townspeople. It is regarded as the class with the highest defense of any class. When they unlock Battle Mode, they will summon a "giant shield" to attack and hurl them with great force. It also adds tremendous defense to users as well.
  • Force Blader - They are warriors who specialize in sword-type weapons. With that they didn't want to wear strong armor. Making his defense not as high as other classes. So they decided to use the Force to strengthen themselves. Can attack with magic or apply various power to the sword and attack the enemy. Their abilities can also cause enemies to become unusable in various ways, and when Battle Mode is unlocked, it will change the other arm to "Magic cannon" and then do combos and swords continuously.
  • Force Gunner - They are special forces snipers. They use the "Astral Weapon", a long rifle style. They can also use the Force power to strengthen their attack patterns and have a higher attack range than usual. In addition, their weapons are equipped with machine guns that can perform continuous and swift attacks. Then, when the Battle Mode is unlocked, it becomes a "Cannon" with great destructive power.


Cabal Online also has other systems. It is equally interesting whether it is a PvP system or Nation War that is featured and it has fun as well as other games. Currently, Thai servers [TH] are open for service. Anyone who wants to go back and try playing, can go and have a look. Which new systems It may make the old players dull, but study the system a little more. Aj Nut guarantees that many friends will definitely enjoy this game. To apply and download the game, click here (


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