Developer: Valve Corporation

Genre: MOBA

What is Dota 2 Game?

Dota 2

Our favorite Moba game maybe “League of Legends” or maybe “Heroes Of Newerth” and yes the definitely one “Defense Of The Ancients”. From the mod of Starcraft through the best mod of Warcraft III. Dota is the first pioneer the made Moba genre to be a massive hit trend for Gaming. And with Valve Corporation’s aid and they refine it into Dota 2 nowadays. With better graphic, gameplay and new endless features that we love!



Dota 2 is a 5vs5 Moba game, that player has to select only one hero per game. The winner is the team that can destroy the enemy main base. Moreover with “Item mechanic” that improve the player’s performance to a higher state. The key is an in-game currency that forces players to perform their best. With High risk - High reward, Every match will be more serious and intensive. 



In Moba game not only the player’s skills and tricks But teamwork is also a main key of success too. With plans, communicate and supporting each other. Everyone have to play together to win this game. Every heroes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Offensive, Defensive, Support or more. Playing together and work together will increase your chance to win.


Please, Don’t be mad.

Win and Lose always come together. Only one mistake may change your game. Maybe your fault or maybe your team, Do not be mad or blame them. Because not only you want to win the game. And it will ruin your teammates feeling and performance too. So always be positive and keep calm. Trust me this will help you a lot!


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When we talking about MOBA, Everyone will know how it feels. Serious combat with a full offensive and intensive defensive atmosphere. There is no room for a mistake for every player in the game. And yes the network connections too. When you have to play against players from other regions, the latency or ping will mess your game for sure. 

With a lag problem from a bad connection, you will get a huge disadvantage for the entire game. PingBooster offers you a chance to reduce your latency and ping up to 50% by our best Gaming VPN Service. So you can play with the best conditions. Good luck and Have fun!


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