Developer : the CitizenFX Collective.
Genre : Mod GTAV

What is Five M?

Five M

Five M or GTA Online Role Playing is a Mod for Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV) that player can building everything that player want. It’s a Online Server that enabling you to play multiplayer on customized dedicated servers. In game, The player must take the role as the only people who want to enhance their quality of life better by doing different careers, whether police, robbers, doctors and many others.


FiveM allows servers to use custom cars, maps, weapons, and more.


FiveM doesn't modify your GTA V installation, so you can switch between GTA:O and FiveM without getting banned.


FiveM uses the GTA:O network code with improvements, so you'll have the best sync around.


FiveM allows servers to keep the original game AI, so you'll never be alone. You can also PvE

How to download and setup FiveM?


1. Visit web FiveM to download.

2. You need to have Grand Theft Auto V game before. Can buy it in Steam.

3. Setup Grand Theft Auto V and register Rockstar club.

4.Setup FiveM. In the installation process, if there is a pop-up, select "Yes" or Ask the address of the GTA V file, select the address of the GTA V game file. After installation, game will connect GTA V ID to fiveM ID and enter the game immediately.

How to find Server in FiveM?


Press the "Server" button, then there will be a list of the Server displayed. Recommended to select ping low value and people are playing.


PingBooster Support for Five M

If you are a player from “Grand Theft Auto V” sometime you might thinking about something special that should be in the game. Here is a “Five M” a mod for GTA V that allows you to put your creativity to the peak by modified and creating your own world, creating new game mode or create your own rules without the limit.

“Five M” is a new experience that gives you the freedom to create and sure you can share your own idea by host your server online, So everyone can join your server. However, you can join the other created by the player. They are so many great and creative server that you can join from around the world. Sadly when you join the server in another region, The connection can be unstable upon the distant. Now PingBooster can fix it for you, With Gaming VPN service, PingBooster can help you to play smoothly by reducing lag issues and ping up to 50%!


PingBooster VPN now available for Five M

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