Population Zero, the online MMORPG in the style of Survival is definitely worth checking out now!

Hello! The PingBooster friends are reunited. Today will bring friends Get to know various online games That are open worldwide It is a new online game that is now fully promoting it. Before the launch of the game in early May this game "Population Zero" from the developer team Enplex Games LLC has been very much watched as to how interesting the game will be. We go to get to know this game.



Game Population Zero

Is an online MMORPG game where players have to survive in Open World style survival on the planet "Kepler" on the planet, full of dangerous and terrifying creatures. We and other players will have to explore this planet with different terrains, including:

  • Mountain ridge line
  • The cliffs are steep, deep and large.
  • The area is dry and has a hot climate.
  • A forest zone that looks like a mystery hidden.
  • Irregular zone area May be caused by something Something that lives on this planet
  • Volcanic area filled with lava
  • The area is full of ruins.



Each area has a direct effect on the players. Because of the different weather conditions Including the enemies that the player will encounter in each area Including the resources that we can find from the area in each zone is not the same. Therefore, in any area we will have to look at that "What do we need to unlock to create items in that area !?" But then again. Because the game will allow players to find the items they want, and then use them to create items that will be needed to live within this planet.

Additionally, each area of ​​the Kepler planet is a sanctuary for the surviving humans. As a result, Population Zero is not as quiet as in other games, there will be NPCs that give us various missions to make or buy items from them. Plus we can also unlock new items from them. The game has a management system that allows our characters to perform a daily routine of playing each round of 168 hours in real time. "This is what it calls a huge challenge to players."



Players can plan to collect Perk skills, research technology, Technology Tree, and always think about what kind of gameplay doesn't affect the game time. Not enough, the game also has a PvP system involved, it also affects players, so be careful. Which players choose to collect levels to explore the stars in their own way But if you choose to clash with other players, it has some advantages as well. Is to make our level up to 150% faster, depending on the player level we face and fight with.



Many people may be wondering if the 168 hours run out, what will happen !?

The game will unlock a new mode for players to have fun. The new mode will be quite different from the original, such as limiting the death of the normal player that can occur all the time, or can keep the level more than PvP player clashes, etc. All of this is still Riddle that "If playing for real, will it come out in the direction that the players like ?!"

Population Zero will be released on May 6th on PC [Steam]. The game will be released in Early Access format, so there may be changes and improvements to the game continuously. Before releasing the complete version of the game in the future



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