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What is Ragnarok Online?

Ragnarok Online

When we talk about MMORPG. Everyone will be thinking about their favorite game such as “Black Desert”, “World of Warcraft” or more. But if we looking into the beginning of MMORPG era. “Ragnarok Online” is the very first online game that everyone knew. The experience of a journey in this game with full freedom and uncountable challenges. Ragnarok standstill through each era of online games. Until now Ragnarok is still a living legend among the other.



Ragnarok is a classic MMORPG game from the past. The game lets players create their own character or avatar into the game. With freedom,  players can play, explore, communicate or anything at their own decision. 

And every step, every path, and every possibility is upon the player to design. Raise the character status, And chose to play at any classes they want, adventure and carving their path and more. and yes everything is all yours. 



There are more 40 classes in Ragnarok. Such as Swordsman, Acolyte, Wizard or more to choose. and after that, the player can improve and class change to the higher grade in their own class. For each class they have their own play style that always flexible and adaptive for players to play them at their own style


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No matter how long we go. “Ragnarok” the classic MMORPG game always looks fresh and fun. For every adventure, bosses fights or wars with more than 50 players. If some connection issues appear and ruin your experience that might be so sad. You may lose your fight or lose your chance to earn a hard-earnt reward from bosses.

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