Developer : Perfect World Entertainment

Genre : MMORPG

Platform : PC (Window)

Open in Thai : Playpark

What is Swordsman online game?

Swordsman online 

Swordsman was a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by Perfect World Entertainment. Swordsman is based upon the novel The Smiling, Proud Wanderer (Xiao Ao Jiang Hu) by Louis Cha, the best-selling Chinese writer alive. In Swordsman, the player takes the role of a wandering hero and experiences the hero’s rise to glory amongst one of ten schools of martial arts, the quest to avenge the hero’s destroyed village, and the opportunity to adventure with great heroes around the world.


How to play Swordsman?

Swordsman gameplay has a focus on fighting that players can excel through character mobility, aerial combat, twitch reflexes, dodging, and dynamic combat styles inspired by martial arts.

How to control?

WASD – Move / 2 time to dash

Spacebar – Jump / 2 time to double jump

X – Defense

Z – Collect the energy ball

E – Combo

1-8 – Skill

V – Run mode

Ctrl – Change to mouse mode

L - Click – Attack A

R - Click - Attack B

Esc – Open menu


Class in Swordsman

In Swordsman have classes or “School” that player can choose 11 school 

1. Splendor 

Good at the long distance battle and power to attacks faster than other school.


2. House Tong

They can use traps to control and stun enemies. Their handgun can shoot firebolt that can knock back enemies.


3. Sun and Moon Cult

Focusing on single target attacks, they can engage an opponent using both close and range attacks.


4. Shaolin 

They have many moves which can be performed while in the air, allowing them to chase targets. They can use Cudgel (can be transformed into three pieces).


5. Wu-tang 

They have a powerful attacks that can damage a lot with their large sword. 


6. E'mei 

Use of range attack skills with high AoE damage.They have the perfect support role, reducing the defenses of the enemy.


7. Zephyr 

They use metal fans and chi to attack their foes from range with powerful ice high area damage attacks. They are able to create their own ice shield, reducing movement speed of the enemy around them.


8. Five Venoms

They use the venoms on their whips to deliver deadly damage over time.


9. Harmony 

Masters of illusion. Perfect for close control combat, increasing their speed at maximum making themselves difficult to see, bluring and striking the enemy from any possible direction.


10. Infinity 

They have the ability to dash toward an enemy while controlling their inner force which makes them able to receive attacks without getting injured, after that they can release that stacked power against the enemy in the form of an explosion.


11. Falconer

Have attacks to slowing down the enemy and Good at Long-range Combat.



Steps to setup Swordsman online. 

Before setup game, you need to register PlayPark ID.

1. Visit web Swordsman and click “Register”.

2. You can register with E-mail and phone number.Complete data and verified.

3. Come back to Swordsman and click “Download”.


4. Select file that you want to download.Recommend PlayPark EZ because you can play other game from PlayPark. After download and setup, login with PlayPark ID and now you can play Swordsman.

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