How to fix Can't join Roblox HTTP400 (Error610)

When you play the game and you have seen an error box "Can't Join Place - HTTP 400 (Bad Request) cannot join game with no authenticated user (Error Code 610)". Today I will guide you to fix this issue. Follow me step by step and you will solve this problem 100%. 

Jan 27, 2021

Top 5 Games Online in PingBooster April 2020

How are the top 5 online games that the team presented match the games you are playing or not? The game is very new trend. And don't forget, PingBooster supports more than 100 online games together and has more than 100 server vpn servers as well. Which can connect to VPN PingBooster can reduce many ping games

May 03, 2020

PingBooster gives Free 3 days. Let's play games at home.

For customers who have previously paid for a service that has an Account Premium. PingBooster has a Promo Code giving away 3 days free usage.

Apr 10, 2020

Secret of EDP (How to deal the highest damage)

edp enchant deadly poison secret of edp sinx gx assassin assassin cross guillotine cross pseudo element attack pea

Dec 27, 2019

Top Games of PingBooster

Top 10 PC Games : August 2019. Hello to all PingBooster fans. Today we will update the popular game charts. That gamers use to connect via PingBooster's VPN service in August. You will be able to keep up with the trend. Not lag, reduce ping, fun and comfortable together.

Aug 01, 2019

SongKran Thailand PingBooster give free 3 days

Happy Songkran Days PingBooster give free 3 days. Promo Code use Username Paid Only. EndTime:19 April

Apr 14, 2019

How to Play and Fix PUBG LITE Windows 7,8,10

How to Fix Your Ping for Windows 7 with PUBG LITE (No Lag) Steps to Play PUBG Lite on Your PC Windows 7,8,10

Feb 14, 2019

How to Fix Error 300000 PUBG LITE Update 13/02/2019

How to Fix Error 300000 PUBG LITE Update 13/02/2019

Feb 13, 2019

PingBooster Client Stopped Working

How To Fix PingBooster Client Stopped Working

Feb 06, 2019

Unblock bypass Steam in Malaysia

You can use a PingBooster to protect yourself while exploring. It will hide your IP address and use encryption to protect your connect no matter where you want to Un-Block Steam.

Jan 31, 2019

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